Patent™ Roadshow

  The Patent™ Roadshow will provide extensive knowledge on the following topics:

Long-term peri-implant health

With the Patent™ Implant you achieve a soft tissue seal that protects the bone and reduces marginal bone loss.  
The strong soft tissue seal reduces the pocket depth significantly. This will eliminate peri-implantitis long-term.
In a retrospective multi-center study (19) , Dr Sofia Karapataki and the University of Graz reported that there was no peri-implantitis in a cohort of compromised patients.


Fast early healing with rapid bone formation

The unique Patent™ Surface is created through the proprietary manufacturing process, where the surface treatment is applied in the pre-sintered stage. The outcome is a highly rough and clean implant surface which is hydrophilic and osteoconductive and allows for the rapid adaptation of bone cells in the early stages of osseointegration.

The blood clot starts to build the fibrin network on the Patent  surface within minutes after exposure.  The fibrin network formation on the surface is the prerequisite for contact osteogenesis that reduces the healing time.


Superior hard and soft tissue stability under functional load

Healthy soft tissue is the requirement for peri-implant health. Zirconia has proven to accumulate less plaque than other materials. The yttria-stabilized zirconia, in combination with the patented manufacturing process, gives strength and optimal surface properties. The tissue level design eliminates any micro-gap.

In a prospective long-term study (20) , Becker et al reported no implant fractures, stable tissues and no peri-implantitis.

Patent™ is what clinicians have been waiting for to offer their patients a safe, esthetic, and healthy tooth replacement solution. For the benefit of your practice, experience the New Standard in Implantology, Patent™.


Voices from other dental professionals...

Prof. Dr. Marcel Wainwright

Based on experience of more than 10 different

zirconia systems I can say that the Patent™ Implant establishes a Bio-Integration second to none

Prof. Dr. Joachim Hermann

There is a zirconia implant available with fantastic
long-term data

Dr. Gernot Obermair

The Patent™ Implant System shows minimal
probing pocket depths

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